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Air Source Heat Pumps for Heating & Cooling Your Home


Heat pumps are becoming more popular in Alberta for 3 different reasons:

  • Government rebates are available which lowers the cost to the home owner. Let us know if you need our assistance in completing your rebate application. Check out our Rebates.

  • Another reason for their growth in popularity is the technology has improved to operate efficiently in a colder climate, as low as -30c for some brands.

  • The third reason is a Heat Pump efficiently operates as both a heater and an Air Conditioner so this technology can be used year round.

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters

A Hybrid water heater can be an efficient option for your home under the right conditions. When operated at it’s optimum this technology is 4 times more efficient than a standard electric hot water tank. Their dual technology uses a heat pump to heat the water by utilizing the warm air already in your house and when needed this tank has electric back up for your mother in law’s visits. These devices also come with some added value such as wireless controls and leak detection.


Tankless Hot Water

Tankless hot water heaters have been around for a while now and they continue to prove themselves to be a viable heating option in Alberta. These devices run off of natural gas, which is still Alberta’s greenest and most affordable energy source, with the exception of solar. Because these units only heat water when the hot water tap is turned on, they do not use energy while sitting idle such as a standard electric or gas hot water tank. Many of these units also come with some fun technology such as a recirc pump and wireless control.

Electric Strip Furnaces & Air Handlers

For those homeowners who do not want to burn any fossil fuels to heat their home then a heat strip and air handler is necessary for our Alberta winters. This technology can be paired with solar panels and a heat pump to keep your house warm or cool whichever is needed for your comfort. We see this system quite frequently in the newer Net Zero houses we are building today.

Hydronic Heating Air Handler

These systems typically run off of hydronic heat so a boiler or tankless water heater is required. The hot water is then passed through a coil where the heat is transferred by forced air by the air handler and distributed by ductwork.

Hydronic Heating Systems – Add air handler option. Elim Hi-V

Hydronic heating has been around for years, most of us know what it is when we hear the word “boiler” or “in-floor” or “radiant”. We have also heard how wonderful these systems are for managing ambient temperatures in a house, little to no dust as there aren’t any high powered fans blowing air through the house. And as with all heating equipment, boilers have become very efficient and can now fulfill both purposes of heating a house and providing hot water to your fixtures with a Combi-boiler system. The options are endless with today’s boilers and although they are a little pricey, they last a very long time!

Brands We Trust.

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